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Climax Manufacturing Company

Climax Manufacturing built locomotives from 1888 to 1928. The Climax has fewer parts than the Shay or Willamette, and no difference in parts between the left and right side of the trucks. The Climax does not have the gear boxes or the middle truck arrangement of the Heisler, and does not need the wheel quartering.

With castings, this is the simplest and quickest of the geared locomotives to build. All the P.L.C. castings offered are correct for the class C-80 as built in the last 15 years of operation of the company, but many are also correct for other classes ranging from the B-55 to the C-90, with the B-60 and C-70 being the closest in commonality of design to the C-80. Parts differences, aside from the obvious ones of boiler, frame, and cylinder sizes, are often only due to a heavier design in axles and shafts. All castings are faithful reproductions of the originals, including pattern numbers.

The C-80 in 1.6" to the foot scale has an over all length of 81", a wheel base of 65", a rigid wheel base of 7.116", and will traverse a 15 foot track radius. Cylinder bore is 2" with a 2.13'' stroke. Driver diameter is 4.8".

Our 1.6" scale archbar truck castings will fit early B-55 through C-90 trucks with 35" or 36" wheels.

Our 2.5" scale truck castings are for a two truck three foot narrow gauge Climax with wood bolsters.

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